Sample Cover Letter For Full Time Position Of Protection Officer

Sample Cover Letter For Full Time Position Of Protection Officer

Dear Madam/Sir,

I am keen to offer my services for the position of Protection Officer (Cluster Support) with UNHCR. Based on my relevant qualifications, experience and skills, I am confident that I would be an appropriate candidate for this position.

Along with post-graduation degree in International Law from University of Canberra Australia, I have more than ten years of experience in family law, judiciary and legal family court law practices in Iraq. I am trained professional having skills of need assessment, planning, implementation, coordination, capacity building, reporting and evaluation procedures in the Law department with government counterparts and donors.

My recent degree in International Law focuses in various interdisciplinary legal practices. This exposure of studying abroad encouraged me to explore the topic of International Refugee and Human Rights Law in order to contribute for the improvement of the current devastating situation of my region.

Due to the previous experience, understanding about the key security issues, human right challenges and passion to work in the humanitarian sector emergency programmes for the betterment of vulnerable and marginalized groups of the region; I consider myself to become a central member of UNHCR team.

Thank you,