Sample Cover Letter For Protection Officer

Sample Cover Letter For Protection Officer

Dear Mr. Shields,

As a fully certified Protection Officer I was thrilled to learn of the opening you advertised at Shields Protective Services. I bring extensive experience providing private security. In addition to certification, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and all needed firearms licenses.

As a Protection Officer I have provided personal security services to well-known people to protect them from others. I constantly scan crowds and watch for potential problems and if someone unknown attempts to approach my employer I step in and intervene. Although the job can be stressful it is rewarding to be able to ensure the safety and security of another person. I have full martial arts training and a keen eye. I am able to spot behavioral cues that indicate problems and my detail-focused mind assists me greatly in the execution of my duties. I have terrific communication skills and can take direction well from the people I protect.

I would make a great choice for the available Protection Officer position at Shields Protective Services. I would like to bring my tactical security and observational abilities to the role to benefit your company and the clients it serves. Please contact me via telephone to schedule an interview.