Sample Cover Letter For Social Worker

Sample Cover Letter For Social Worker

Dear Mr. Smith-Jones,

As a recent graduate of the social work program at New Parkland University I was excited to learn of the open DCF Social Worker position available at the Department of Human Services. I completed my Master’s program with a 3.2 GPA and gained valuable experience through a one-year internship.

I understand the emergency situations that I will encounter as a DCF Social Worker and I have excellent critical thinking skills to that end. I believe strongly that children should always be in safe and healthy environments. In my internship I managed a caseload of families in the DCF system as they worked toward reunification or went through the process of termination. My first priority is the children first and the family second. Children are too valuable to look the other way and I am a strong advocate for them. I believe in strongly protecting their interests while making certain they are safe secure and free from abusive environments.

If you contact my DCF internship supervisor you will agree that I would make an excellent addition as a caring DCF Social Worker. I encourage you to schedule an interview as soon as possible. I can be reached either via email or telephone.