I am reaching out to you regarding an internship opportunity in the field of administration. With my many years in the automotive industry I’ve come to a realization of the necessity to be an enthusiastic and innovative, reliable and committed employee. Porsche is proud of their “Intelligent Performance” strategy of their vehicles. I am aware that this approach is essential to implement across the entire company. My aim is to work for Porsche Cars North America since the announcement in 2011, that their headquarters would be in Atlanta. I’ve submitted an online application and I am determined to communicate my skills to be a valuable asset for your staff.

My relevant experience includes a variety of experience working in the automotive industry as well as my position as a major in accounting on Georgia State University where I have a current average in the range of 3.7 in my main classes. Recently, I was working as an administrative assistant and buyer for M&S Auto Sales Inc. The responsibilities I have in this job have given me the ability to be a top performer in customer service and sales, in the implementation of HR policies, processing transactions, creating schedules and creating the general ledger, among other functions related to billing. I’m proficient with Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point, Quickbooks, and Wayne Reeves. I also been employed within the automotive parts and recycling industries prior to joining M&S Auto Sales Inc.

I am convinced that based on my present qualifications, experience and determination to make improvements, I am the most advantageous candidate for an administrative internship. I’m currently striving to acquire a wealth of knowledge and experience through my experience, so as to become the best productivity employee I can possibly become in the near coming years for Porsche Cars North America. The employees is the core of Porsche will be one of “real engine.” You will find my resume that outlines my skills experiences, skills, and objectives more fully. I would be grateful for an opportunity to interview, in order to further articulate my hopes to work for this remarkable company. I am looking eagerly to hear from you soon.


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