I am sending you an email to ask you to apply for the office coordinator position.

Theater is always a huge love for me. Since I am an actor living in the city, I’ve seen a lot of talk about this organization and the wonderful services it provides to professional actors in their field. A company that’s mission will be to offer a place for performers and actors to develop their skills and acquire experience in various aspects is truly inspiring. It inspired me to apply for the job.

I have a solid determination to succeed and have excellent ability to lead. I am a fervent believer for what I do and I am 100% committed to each job I am assigned. This is the reason why over the last six years I’ve been assigned the job of trainer, and often with additional responsibility. I am a fan of working with people and I go beyond my limits to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

With over 4 years of Administrative work, I am aware of the importance of effective leadership as well as the structure and importance of organizational structure. With over 10 years experience working in the field of service I am able to handle stress, multitasking, working with other people and prioritizing. I believe that the experience I can bring to the company is into the company’s goal.

In my most recent job experience, I was tasked to learn new software systems for organizing documents, organize data and efficiently collect data. When I realized that one of the requirements for this position is the capacity to master new software systems in a short amount of time and efficiently, I was more confident in applying for this job. It is true that training can be lengthy and time-consuming but I am confident in my capacity to be able to learn and adjust in a short time to bring myself up to the speed of. In many ways I find it challenging and enjoyable.

I’ve included my resume as well as three references in the lower part of the page. If you have any additional details you require I would appreciate it if you let me know.

I am grateful for your time in getting get to know me! I look forward to having the possibility of meeting you.


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